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As an MMO nerd and online gamer, you are probably one of those players who like to purchase game guides through the internet before you embark yourself in a game like the Secret World. You can find the Secret World guide in lots of websites in the internet or some of your friends will recommend you the right place to go through for the strategy guide.

Many gamers have greatly anticipated the release of this video game due to the interesting conspiracies, skill wheel and puzzles that the title has to offer. Gamers have the ability to select which weapons and abilities they want to equip their characters with as there are more than 500 abilities available. With the possibilities provided, it’s not a surprise that you have the option and freedom to choose which weapons and abilities to use in your skills rotation.

The #1 Strategy Guide for TSW is Secret World Domination - An Unofficial Guide Packed with POWERFUL Builds, Leveling Tips, Quest Guides, PvP & PvE Guides and TONS More. Check It Out.

But unfortunately, your character is ineffective in combat where instead of discharging energy blast into the enemies, you character is running away due to the wrong skills rotation selected. When this happens to you, the best thing for you to do is to look for the Secret World Guide in order for you to have better knowledge and understanding on how the game is played.

The Secret World guide is very appropriate for those beginners in the video game as it contains lots of information on how the game should be played. You can easily download this strategy guide and you will have access to detailed information about Secret World that ranges from the factions included in the game, abilities and skills, transcribing, talismans, the fastest way to get skills and anima points and the most important rotations and builds. The highlight included in the Secret world guide is probably about the chapter that talks about the builds which are very effective in building skills and abilities.

You can also find in the Secret World guide about an on-going secret war between the three secret societies in the video game: the Dragon, the Templar and the Illuminati. The war between the three secret societies is illustrated in the PvP mode where gamers go into war zones and battle fields where they try to achieve objectives, get bonuses and compete with the other groups. Aside from the PvP mode, it is also translated into the PvE (player versus environment) mode where gamers can actually infiltrate their enemy’s headquarters to sabotage and hack the computer in order to get information.

The Secret World guide is actually divided in several chapters like introduction, crafting or transcribing and the most important thing is on how you can maximize your skills rotation. After reading the whole guide, you are now probably ready to test the methods that you have learned from the strategy guide. You will never go wrong with the Secret World guide as you will surely be impressed by the skill rotations recommended in the guide. If you follow the recommendations in the Secret World guide, at the end of the day you will rack in skills and anima points quickly.

The #1 Strategy Guide for TSW is Secret World Domination - An Unofficial Guide Packed with POWERFUL Builds, Leveling Tips, Quest Guides, PvP & PvE Guides and TONS More. Check It Out.

The Secret World Guide

The Secret World, or as it’s commonly abbreviated, TSW, is a unique and entertaining MMORPG for the PC. There are several interesting aspects of this game that make it both challenging and different from other MMOs. One such aspect is the fact that there aren’t classes and there isn’t a leveling system to the game, either.

Despite the fact that classes and leveling don’t exist you still need to develop a strong TSW build, get the best gear, obtain the most powerful weapons and master the active and passive abilities of your character to truly dominate the game. On top of that you’ll need to become accustomed to the ability wheel and other odd and end features of The Secret World. This is where a guide for the game can come handy.

The Secret World Guide

In order to progress through missions quickly, level your TSW character and destroy enemies in both PvE and PvP battles you may want to pick up a TSW guide. Right now the best one available is Secret World Domination.

TSW Domination includes all this:

  • Full Walkthroughs for ALL Missions
  • Guide to Ranked Faction Missions
  • Powerful Builds & Skill Rotations for ALL Player Styles
  • Ability Wheel Tutorials
  • Full Guide to TSW Crafting
  • Hot Tips for Getting TONS of Tokens
  • Power Guide to TSW PvP
  • Tons of other Useful Info

The Secret World Domination unofficial strategy guide has everything you need to develop your toon into a powerful, mob killing machine. This guide is useful for both newbies and seasoned TSW players. It will help you max out your character quickly and dominate in both PvE and PvP.

TSW Missions Guide

Missions are the quests you are given in The Secret World to complete. There are several types of these including investigation, sabotage and action. These missions are usually loaded with riddles and passwords to uncover. Secret World Domination comes with full walkthroughs that guide you through each mission tier by tier to help you solve puzzles, defeat mobs and accomplish objectives as quickly as possible so you can reap the rewards of high experience points, Pax Romana and Tokens.

The Secret World Builds

Creating your own build in TSW can be tough. With the lack of defined classes you’re on your own for figuring out how to develop DPS, tank or support based builds. But, on the bright side, you can also craft powerful hybrids to really leave your mark in both PvE mob fights and PvP battles.TSW Domination provides players with an exhaustive collection of powerful builds for all levels and stages of the game.

The Secret World Crafting Guide

Crafting is an essential part of any MMO game. In TSW crafting is used to create new gear, advanced weapons (such as assault rifles, hammers, pistols etc), med kit items and more. In order to make an item you’ll need a crafting kit and the correct pattern for it. The Secret World Domination arms you with full item pattern lists and more so you can make the best gear as soon as your character is appropriately leveled for it.

TSW PvP Guide

PvP in the Secret World is a 3 faction combat on a few different battlefields. Each one has it’s own unique objective for the factions to complete. To truly be a master of PvP you’ll need to know the right strategies for taking control of objectives and be able to kill off enemies in other factions quickly. TSW Domination provides powerful guides and useful tips to do just that.

Overall Rating: 10/10


The Secret World Domination Guide